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Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Medical Cannabis Dispensary is no more than a Pharmacy in SA or Dispensary in other countries as why do we not have 'Anti-biotic Dispensaries' Why all we not excited about little stores that only sell Antibiotics cakes, pills, tablets? Why do we not have all different colors and 100 methods to consume these Antibiotic. Simple reason is we have all fallen into a trap! In other words anything other than a normal pharmacy that may offer cannabis as an active ingredient in a box of pills or some type of spray for pain is actually a legal drug den!
In order to keep things simple. We have decided to launch a legal pharmacy online that you can trust to only supply you what your medical professional has instructed, the dosage that has been instructed and the best part it will be affordable. It will not be substandard or medicine from China. I will be the highest quality cannabis based medication at the lowest possible price for persons who require cannabis based medication. It will be open like a pharmacy to all producers that are licensed and the products legal within the RSA.
This primarily is to insure that those who really need this medication will receive it at a very reasonable price (Non-profit) and managed by the SA Cannabis Exchange and a leading SA Retail Pharmacy Group. 
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