Thank you for visiting our site. We understand that you may be sceptical dealing with an new and must I say distant company. I would love to say South Africa 

Must Read.  Under construction thank you for your patience...

Just quickly our abbreviations both SACANEX  l  SACANNX will bring you to the same Official Southern Africa Cannabis Exchange. We use 'Southern' due to our mandate to include Swaziland thus Swazi Cannabis: and Malawi Cannabis: would also result in your being forwarded to for safety our full URL - please make sure the s is visible in green & you have the full URL

THIS IN NO WAY IS INDICATIVE OF SECURITY ISSUE EXPERIENCED IN THE PAST DUE TO OUR LOCATION it is purely for security reason as would any website that you may provide personal information. If for any reason we do split the exchange or for reason unknown currently decide to use our abbreviated names we will make this fact known.  

We are registered and located physically in Sandton, Johannesburg and in the Eastern Cape. Our representative if required for your assistance is in the Western Cape. As we are working with some famous SA sparkling wine producers but more on that later.