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The Benefits of Using an Offshore Exchange

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  1. Pay no fees or commissions to trade, buy, sell, source products, or promote and advertise your products, brands, and services. We welcome **All content; any form of self-promotion, informative, educational; why not create your own page/s! We believe it will be worth the effort; you will have access to our stats. We obviously have our work cut-out for us and a lot of development; think long term as already we receive thousand/s of visitors per month. Primarily from Canada and the USA. 75% South Africa is usually 4 or 5% Not to forget China, India, EU. and Russia etc.

  2. Offshore; offers all kinds of opportunities if selling to your neighbour or across the globe. Remember no financial transaction. Speak to your financial or tax guys to make sure you save money within the legal framework!

  3. CANECT.IN (More than a Cannabis Network) The New Buzz in Social & Business Media' 'Cannabis & Related Social Network. 


  1. From fortune 500 companies Biotech giants. pharmaceutical groups or individual cultivars.  or advertise your business or for membership, or trading Membership is not required, to buy or sell and advertise your products brand/s & services!
2. We operate as a (Not for profit) We only requirement is for your business to profit from legal abd fair trade. In other words, we are not your competition. We do not offer products besides   entity and have     2. If trading, buying, selling advertising products & services are free. Your transaction may be in your city or any legal State or region Worldwide. The point is if no financial transaction no taxes or similar trading costs. when trading or promoting your business or yourself. when buying, selling, offering your services to the Weed Industry. *CANECT.IN (More than a Cannabis Network. The New Buzz in Social & Business Media' 'Cannabis & Related Social Network.