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The (Official) Cannabis & Marijuana Exchange (ZA) Secure your brand pages before the 31 December 2017.  We suggest you include an email to us giving an intro & your requirement. We hope to include all your corporate content and welcome all designs code or designed.  

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The answer is money and and you have to produce an estate or laboratory. Seriously why do you think that all these companies will get their license before you or me! the 2nd document will be up by Friday 31 March! This is the basic license from the MCC Medicine Control Council but we have created the Medical Cannabis Control Council MCCC - this is the unofficial organization founded in order for individuals and small companies to have the same influence as the large pharmaceutical companies. Instead of paying an attorney...UNLESS YOU WANT IT ALL TO GO TO 3 OR 4 FAT CATS. WHO IS READY TO TAKE ACTION. WHO IS READY TO RAGE A WAR.